Should Assisted Suicides Be Legalized?

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What would you do if you were found to have a terminal illness? Every year nearly one million people are diagnosed with an illness that will ultimately take their life. Countless of those people will have to endure frequent treatments, and that is if they are fortunate enough to have a potential cure available. On top of that, some of those individuals will not have family members to be their support and anchor. Should they be subject to the anguish that is bound to happen? Assisted suicides should be legalized because it is more humane than making one suffer from a terminal illness. The concerns we are presented with right now consist of assisted deaths being engaged too early, and others ending their lives in suffering resulting from a deprivation of options. “A properly considered law with safeguards would enable doctors, social workers, families and even the clergy better to support the patient, and ensure they have considered every alternative” (Purdy 34). Assuredly many can agree that options need to be provided for those that are given these tragic ailments. It does not go without saying that nobody needs to agree …show more content…
Mr. Hummer has a family history of Lou Gehrig’s disease which is generally known as ALS. His maternal grandmother was diagnosed at a very late state in her life. The first thing this disease took was her voice, and then her legs on up. Before she passed, the only part of her body that she would move were her eyes. There is a time he even remembers the nurses calling his mother trying to see if she could come in and find out why she was consistently crying. His mother visited the nursing home, and by using the blinking method they were able to discover that she had an ear infection. “Nobody should ever have to live out their life in this agony, and I know if it ever happens to me I would want the choice to end my life before it takes a toll

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