Why Should Assisted Suicide Be Legalized?

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Every person should have the right to decide what they do with their own body. This is a right most Americans have, however, some citizens suffering from terminal conditions have a certain right taken away from them. This right is the right to die. There is no punishment for suicide in any of the 50 states, but in 45 states it is illegal to aid a person in their death. These people are suffering and because of their handicaps they are unable to end their lives on their own. Every state should legalize assisted suicide so that no one is forced to suffer more that they choose. The next few paragraphs will discuss what assisted suicide is, where assisted suicide is legal, why people are opposed to it, and why assisted suicide should be legalized. …show more content…
People should have the right to choose what they can do with their own life. Does it really make sense that suicide is not a crime, but yet assisting in suicide is? Everyone should morally be able to decide freely how they should live or go about their life as long as they do not cause harm to others. People have the right to free choice and they should be able to chose to end their own life, if they are competent enough to make the decision. These people who wish to die with dignity are already dying. But they are not dying on their own terms. They do not have control of their body as they are constantly medicated as they continue to suffer and their bodies progressively deteriorate. Life as they knew it will never be the same, as their condition progresses they no longer are the person they once were. As a society we should chose to relieve the suffering of others and we should respect their dignity. Most people feel as if they lose themselves as they are constantly hooked up to some machine in a hospital bed. These people do not consider this as living. Society ought to show compassion and comply with the wishes of these patients. And even though it is illegal in forty-five states to assist in someone’s suicide, it still happens. Families are already overwhelmed by the situations they have to endure, and the confusion of doctors hinting at assisted suicide makes the situation even more complicated. When a patient 's asks for a doctor to help in accelerating their time left to live, families are the ones left with the burden. They have to sit through vague conversations of doctors hinting towards how to help the patient end their life. This is way more of a burden on the family and the patient’s lives as they struggle to understand what actions they should take. Not only that but these family members are forced to carry the weight of helping one of their loved ones die, if physician assisted suicide was legal families would

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