Essay on The Legal Drinking Age Should Be Lowered

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The day a U.S. citizen turns 18, he or she has the right to choose political leaders, purchase firearms, marry, and even enlist in the military, but are denied one simple right, the right consume an alcoholic beverage, and are considered an adult in the eyes of the law. A 20 year old can have the power to go can kill someone but not the right to consume an alcoholic beverage, it doesn’t make sense. Having the drinking age to 21 doesn’t stop young teenagers. Of course a nice and easy invention called a fake identification exist and they work wonders. The legal drinking age should be lowered to 18 because you 're considered an adult, less under aged drinking, and less alcohol issues. Drinking can be a serious issue here in the United States, from drinking and driving, to violent crimes while under the influence of alcohol. Lowering the drinking age will not affect that problem. Teenagers like to rebel against the law and are upset over the fact that the drinking age is 21, so the way they rebel is to drink underage and get fake ID’s (Ruth). People think that lowering the drinking age is going to create a mast of alcoholics and drunks, it’s actually not according to Indiana University Professor Ruth Charles says that only thirty-two percent of underage drinkers turn out to be alcoholics, and 24% of overage drinkers turn out to be alcoholics, so there’s not much of a difference (Ruth). Another study showed from Dennis Tamburello that the death rates went down as the drinking…

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