Essay on The Leadership Of Client Services

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Another trait that supports the people skills is flexibility. A strong leader doesn’t always want or need to be right, but it is particularly important in areas where people, and their challenges, are the core of your business. The Vice President of Client Services must always be open to dissenting opinions, other ideas and new initiatives as he or she encourages the team to be involved in the development and implementation of suggestions that have the potential to improve the product, the company, or the solutions offered to the client.
Additionally, the Vice President of Client Services must be supportive, showing empathy and patience to team members and co-workers. The interaction with people impacts their perception as a leader. It is particularly important that this role supports the team that supports the client – being in front doesn’t mean that others are following you – it just means they are behind you. A visible demonstration showing the Client Services team that the leader is behind them creates a direction the team can follow.
Finally, the Vice President of Client Services must be willing to fight for whatever the team needs, whether it be increased training, upgraded tools, additional resources, new technologies or a shift in responsibilities. Their responsibility is to act as an advocate on behalf of the Client Services team to the rest of the organization.
Part III: Leadership Development Plan (New employees in that role)
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