Customer Service Manager: A Case Study

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At my previous occupation as a Customer Service Representative our department head whom title was the Customer Service Manager. He was a very influential leader, but didn 't display much management skills in the day to day operations. He possessed good leadership skills that was mainly focused toward the long term strategy for the department, but didn 't show much interest into the short term plans of the department to reach these goals. For instance, he would have meetings with Supervisors and also had powerpoints throughout the department focused toward the company goals, and what 's needed of to reach the goals and earn our annual bonus. According to Wallstreet Journal (2015) " the manager has a short range view; the leader has a long range …show more content…
With all this he had many effects on the department business environment, and as a leader he displayed many strengths which he tend to focused on and left other functions to Supervisors within the department. He had a strong influence on the department workplace atmosphere which was positive, empowerment of employees, made sure goals was attainable and effectively measured, fostered creativity, and etc. On the other hand, as a manager he didn 't bring much into the business environment for the department. For instance, he didn 't focus on the short term plans of the department, he didn 't use any of the management controls, he definitely wouldn 't just accept the status quo. There 's many lessons that I learned from this individual that I plan on using in a leadership capacity. Firstly, as a leader its important to inspire followers to believe in the organization vision and to work together as one to achieve this vision and goals. In addition, to motivate followers and also to foster innovation amongest followers. This will help the organization to gain a competitive advantage in its landscape, ans also make them believe in the vision. On the other hand, even as a leader I feel its important to display some good management skills as well. This range from being influenced in the short term plans for the company, helping others to form the different activities to achieve the goals and vision od the company. As a leader I feel its important to inspire and motivate followers on a continuous basics. Lastly, this experience has taught me that you want to emcompass the skills to have followers trust you. Trust can be earned by being honest, and is essentially in many cultures before business is even done. For instance, in the Chinese culture its important that you build relationships thats basiced on honesty and trust which usually occur

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