Essay The Law Of Conservation Of Energy

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The game Billiards, sometimes referred to in bars as pool, is entirely based upon physics principles. Billiards is played on a table lined with felt, the table has 6 pocket holes in which the balls are meant to be knocked in, and players hit the balls with a cue stick. Different variations of billiards games exist, the most popular being eight-ball, in which one player attempts to knock all solid balls in while the other player knocks in the striped balls; and nine-ball, in which players knock in balls in numerical order with the number 9 ball being the last.
Billiards uses some of the most fundamental principles found in physics. The game uses all three of Newton’s laws and the associated ideas of collisions, momentum, energy, forces, and friction. There are two fundamental laws used in this game that are very important.
First, the law of conservation of energy states that in an isolated system, the total energy remains constant. This game uses mechanical energy specifically, and also the conservation of energy in an elastic collision. If there are no external forces acting upon the system, the amount of total energy present before the collision is the same after the collision. This is represented by the expression:
½(m1v012) + ½(m2v022) = ½(m1vf12) + (½m2vf22)
Second, the law of conservation of momentum states that in an isolated system, momentum is conserved. Momentum, equals P=MV g*m/s. Regardless of whether the collision is elastic or inelastic, the total momentum…

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