The Law Enforcement Agency Enforcement Essay

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Thought-out history there has been many pioneers to law enforcement. From the Father of law enforcement August Vollmer and Jim Fisher, who created many criminal investigative techniques just to name a few. The different levels of law enforcement are very important aspect to consider, that being federal, state and local. Each level is just as important as the other is, but different at the same time. Nevertheless one cannot operate without the other which allows the criminal justice as a whole to balance as one. The federal law enforcement agency “is an organizational unit, or subunit, of the federal government with the principle functions of prevention, detection, and investigation of crime and the apprehension of alleged offenders” (, 2016). Federal law enforcement agency and officers range from many different parts of the three branches of government. Each branch houses numerous federal departments under them. Just to name a few the executive branch has Department of Agriculture and Department of Homeland Security. The legislative branch and Judicial Branch has U.S. Capitol Police and Supreme Court Police. Many independent branches use federal officers, the Federal Reserve System, Amtrak Police and U.S. Postal Service Police. The state law enforcement “often performs police duties to include highway patrol and statewide investigations” (, 2016). Each state employs state officers, capital police and highway patrol/state troopers. The…

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