The Importance Of The Criminal Justice System

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The criminal justice system responds to fees paid to the agency or organization, which the crime is affiliated with our government system. These government duties entail upholding an investigation (generally done to see if any admission of guilt occurs). Then once the investigation is signifying the next step is to formally charge of the suspect (execution of charge are delegated for further examination). Then the final process is to set the tone is actually established by making the first initial appearance within the judicial system where the allegations shall be drawn up as public records. According to Bohm & Haley (2012); (p. 8), “these legal systems consist of different agencies within our government system. First, contains the community …show more content…
Our textbook, teaches that a “total of $455.5 billions of dollars were spent to cover the expenses of these criminal activities (Bohm & Haley, 2012).” These illegal activities consisted of protections of our government by-laws and regulations we have set in place within our country. Also, our nation deficient spent towards attorney fees for their services and rehabilitation facilities include an expensive price tag as well. Out of all of the funding dedicated to these diverse government programming majority of the money spent for criminal justice is linked to the state and local mandates. However, when analyzing the federal public funding fees can be connected to spending revenue for criminal justice in the United States impacts our country policies of our government’s procedures. The percentage of the total budget spent on criminal justice was in the billions of dollars. Therefore there should be less revenue allocated towards the judicial system. I feel strategic effort is over indulged based off of the myths associated with these criminal activity. These crimes are often vague and not precise connecting them to reality or any direct form of logic rather than an impulsive action. These funds I believe are mismanaged and could be designated in other demographic areas because the total over exceeds our countries national deficient. These functions indicate as to why there is an unbalance of the scales linked to criminal justice within the United States. It capsizes on these scrutinized crimes and our efforts of dumping money into these different government

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