The Last Supper And Descent From The Cross Essay

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Essay 1
“The Last Supper” and “Descent from the Cross“ are two paintings created by Leonardo Da-Vinci and Jacopo Pontormo respectively. Both pieces were created within thirty years of each other. So the time period when they were created was the same. “The Last Supper” is showing the last gathering of Christ and his deceitful before Christ’s imprisonment. In the actual scene Christ is telling his deceitful that one of them will betray him. “Descent from the Cross” however, is showing after the crucifixion of Christ, his followers taking him down from the cross and mourning about what happened.
The style of “The Last Supper” is a High Renaissance style. Da-Vinci has a realistic atmosphere to the painting, this is a result of humanism. A couple of the properties that show the humanism approach is that the people in the painting are all in the same scale as a normal person would be. He stressed having accuracy to the real word. To get the accuracy and biological side correct he would regularly hire models to act out his imagination. This would allow him to freely paint his mind in the manor that he wanted to. Another style that Da-Vinci employs is linear perspective. The focal point of the painting is Christ, but how he painted it, it looks as if the light is shining from the windows behind him, creating a three dimensional view of the room. Background of the painting is also supposed to be focused around actual settings in nature. This lighting is a result of the atmospheric…

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