Essay on The Language Of The Play

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Although the original language of the play is undeniably unique and suited to the people that it was meant to be heard by in the time of its original performance, we as a group determined that this same language was not appropriate for modern viewers of the adaptation. Davidson summarized the original goal of the plays quite well when he made the point that the plays were meant to “enliven the memory and link the present with the relevant past” and in some sense making the past “become present in the experience of the participants and/or audience” (Davidson 66). To simplify this point, Davidson is saying that the plays needed some way to bring the audiences in line with the past and make it feel as if it weren’t really the past, but rather was something relevant that was still of concern. With this same goal to bring audiences into a relevant state of mind, we chose to modernize the language in part because it became more accessible to people that grew up with the language being used. When we modernized the play, it becomes more plausible that the scenes being played out could be part of the present compared to hearing the scenes in Old English. Working off of this goal to make the play more accessible to modern audiences, there was also the choice to modernize because we wanted to keep the audience’s attention and make the differences we chose to make more obvious. When the plays were originally preformed, they had religious backings and because they were “regarded as…

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