The Land Of Milk And Honey Essay

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The land of milk and honey, a place where deals are agreed upon in back rooms, and the contracts negotiated by a boss. An entrepreneur guise is wearing many hats, along with the gift of gab when closing profitable deals; At the end of the day all an entrepreneur wants is to make a profit, and supply their customers with quality merchandise, and for those of you who are not familiar with the term, self made entrepreneur, an entrepreneur is a business person who is the boss of his own business, empire or company, holding the title as The CEO who oversees the day to day operations within the business entity. Entrepreneurs are in charge of constantly raising capital for the business, carry out ways to market the products or services the company is promoting, by coming up with different strategies to move the product. This is why it’s important to know the market for which you are entering, by researching which products and services are in high demand. If you know the market for the product and services your business is promoting, it shouldn’t be hard reaching your potential customers with a little exposure. We all have some great ideas when it comes to visualizing our new business venture, but when it comes time to plan, and prepare to execute the plan, if your business contacts, and business knowledge is not in order, from the tons of research it takes to even consider putting together a business plan, it will be doomed from the starting gate. If being an entrepreneur is what…

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