The Lack Of Persuasiveness By Anne Marie Slaughter Essay

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The Lack of Persuasiveness
The idea of “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” can be a bold and touchy subject. A writer should be careful on the way the tone and language are presented so that their audience may take away exactly what they want. With the wrong tone or language, a writer could very easily misguide their audience the wrong direction in which they intended. Anne-Marie Slaughter presents respectable and clear examples when she discusses “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” which helps to be persuasive to her audience. The order of her examples and points she writes about throughout her article is suitable and well organized. But she struggles on reaching her point in a timely manner. While Slaughter does give a good background to her ideas and points, she tends to ramble on and take some time to clearly state her point. Even though a lot of examples were given, one would not find the article persuasive because of her quick assumptions due to her defensive tone throughout the article which lowered her creditability to persuade her audience.
Anne-Marie Slaughter addresses several different points in her article. She sections her article off in different topics pertaining to the subject of the passage. For example, “Redefining the Arc of a Successful Career” and “Innovation Nation.” But when she discusses her many different points, she makes several assumptions which leads to an article that falls short of persuasion. One assumption Slaughter makes is what her…

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