The Lack of Early Childhood Education in Minority Neighborhoods

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The Lack of Early Childhood Education in Minority Neighborhoods
Gildon R Turner

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This country prides itself in being a better place for people to come and work better and to get a better education. We are falling far too short on both counts more so with education. We are still not separated and equal. This paper will talk to you about the differences in the minority neighborhoods and why our government should be taking a closer look at the lack of early childhood education and how this education is an investment into our future.

The Lack of Early Childhood Education in Minority Neighborhoods

Early childhood education is an investment in
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From the start of your birth, from the first moment that you and your mother touch, you start to learn. At birth you are like a blank sheet of paper waiting to be written upon, to be imprinted with all the knowledge the world has to offer. The first two things that you learn are your mother’s touch and voice and from there it is constant learning. You learn how to track with your eyes, you learn how to walk and talk you are a learning machine. (Heckman 2004) stated “Learning starts in infancy, long before formal education begins, and continues throughout life”. Where I grew up in Chicago and in most minority neighborhoods, you cannot find a lot of early childhood development schools (daycare centers) or preschools. If you pick up a rock and close your eyes and just spin around and let that rock go, you will hit a fast food joint, a church or a liquor store. This you will find in almost all Black or Hispanic neighborhoods. I dislike breaking this down to color or race, but if you go into a white neighborhood you will find daycare centers and shopping centers you will find thing that you can do with your family. Why that, and what is it teaching our children? This tells me that you want us to spend our money on snacks and liquor and not education.

Preschool is an Investment into Our Future

From watching the news, reading books and working in the public school system, I have seen what happens to

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