The Labeling Theory And Conflict Theory Essay

830 Words Aug 1st, 2016 4 Pages
The labeling theory is the concept of folks who committed deviant behavior as result, he or she labeled base on the offense. As we will discuss in more details below, some scholars are skeptical of the labeling theory and accentuate that it would not be as affective and perhaps may cause individuals to engage in deviant behavior. In contrast, conflict theory mostly focusses on social issues and the lack of economic opportunity for everyone throughout the nation. Also, as mentioned below transparency and equality for all should to be a priority to tackle inequality. All too often, governmental officials failed to represent the public which is part of the problem leading to disparity. In order to fix these issues, we must start by reforming the criminal justice system in ensuring that it is fair and transparent, at the same time treating everyone equal under the law. In this week’s reading, labeling and conflict theories are some of the major issues that lead to social problem as well as disagreement among scholars regarding the reasoning of crime.

As we previously mentioned labeling and conflict theories in this week assignment are complex issues among many scholars. Scholars also realized that some that of invention is needed to reduce crime, particularly rehabilitation, incapacitation, and perhaps fear is often a necessary tool in an effort to reduce criminality. “Scholars embraced the labeling theory of crime, however, attack this line of reasoning vigorously” (Lilly,…

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