The Kite Fan Analysis

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1. Flights of Fancy
2. “It’s really pretty straightforward: flight is freedom.” (136)
3. Foster explained in a story about people with “wings” and those “wings” provide freedom. However, with freedom comes the ones who abuse it. As you can see, the title of the chapter is Flights of Fancy which can explain the stereotypical snotty rich kid everyone hates. This is because rich people are fancy and rich people are very free, but can abuse their freedom to make the wings dirty, as Foster explained. A mean kid had “wings” and he got those “wings” dirty much like you can easily ruin your own freedom by abusing it, like abusing flight with wings.
4. Amir’s childhood bully, Assef, is the son of two rich parents. He would be out of the house most of
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Since “The Kite Runner” is taken place in Afghanistan, the bible for Muslims is the Koran. The idea brought from the bible to this book was to recite lines from the Koran and pray something good happens. When Amir forgot some lines from the Koran, he still attempted to recite lines and prayed to god all will go well, like people did in the bible. Also, people respected the Koran like people respect the bible, people would teach lines from the Koran like people teach lines from the bible. Finally, the author used the Koran as a symbol of last resort, when all goes wrong, turn to god, like people turned to Jesus in the bible when they had no other …show more content…
The most significant death in “The Kite Runner” is when Baba dies of lung cancer. The author doesn’t kill Baba earlier or later is because at this point of the book, nothing is happening, except Amir is slowly losing money due to having no job. If the author killed Baba earlier, Amir would panic with no one at his side like Soraya and he probably wouldn’t try and save Sohrab. If the author killed him later, the story would basically be over with Amir saving Sohrab and having a steady rate of income as an author. Other deaths like Hassan are less significant because they take a small emotional toll on Amir unlike Baba’s death, where Baba lived next to Amir most of his

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