Compare And Contrast Amir And Assef In The Kite Runner

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Amir and Assef in the beginning seem to be two different characters and personalities. Amir comes from a wealthy, high status, and pashtun family; having servants and social prestige. Assef is a half german Pashtun who is power hungry and unlike other boys. Assef has blonde hair and blue eyes significantly making him different than all the other boys, Hosseini does this to make him stand out. In the first section, Hassan is shooting a “one eyed German Shepherd” with his slingshot. This is foreshadowing of the final chapters when Hassan’s son shoots Assef in the eye with a slingshot.``
In their childhood Amir and Assef have a few encounters all of which are tense and or violent. Before the rape their are similarities between the two boys. Assef has a dislike toward the Hazara branch of Islam, Amir was taught to respect them because his servants are Hazaras. Assef is envious of Amir for having the wealth he does and being full pashtun but his main reason for hating Amir is that his father has so much power over the community.
After an
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The taliban is a ruthless group of imperial, communist, self appointed leaders and followers. All Assef has ever wanted was power weather it was being over the neighborhood kids or over the country of Afghanistan. After years of Amir believing he was an evil person like Assef the moment he sees who he became he knows he was never anything like him. This event sets up Amir for his motivation to save Sohrab and get himself redemption.
Sohrab was taken from an orphanage to be a sex slave as the reader can infer, When Amir first see’s Sohrab he is forced to do a ballet dance like a girl and is wearing mascara. He has done this the many other children which makes him feel powerful over the children and the population. Hosseini makes a point when he chooses for Hassan and Sohrab to be violated by the same man this was Amir has the chance to make his sins

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