The Keystone Xl Pipeline Controversy Essay

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The Keystone XL pipeline controversy

The Keystone XL pipeline continues dividing the opinion of the people and being a controversial issue. The precious “black gold”, represents one of the main factors that moves the economy, nationally and globally. This extra-long pipeline will transport oil all the way from Canada to Texas. Some experts and the private oil corporation, who is the one in charge of this project, point to the benefits of this project, for example, will make the USA more independent from foreign oil, will create thousands of jobs and improve the economy. Nevertheless, experts are revealing how the pipeline is an unnecessary risk and will be negative for the environment, dangerous for the population living close to the big pipes, and negative for the local and the country’s economy in the long term. The advocates of this project are trying to get the people to support it, pointing out that it will be reflected lowering the gas prices. The supporters argue that this big injection of oil, which is imported from Canada, will make the United States less independent from the Middle East market. Americans will be benefited from thousands of jobs. The keystone pipe building, it is something that private companies and Wall Street, have anxiously been waiting. They will enjoy the profits of 3.4 $ billon of dollars if this project is approved and finished. Despite in some economic benefits for a few, the pipeline will be extremely negative for…

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