The Justification For A Just War Essay

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There are many factors that determine whether a war is just or unjust. The justifications for a just war are given by the document the Just War Theory, which was created by the philosopher Thomas Aquinas. The reasons included determine whether the war is considered just or unjust. Many wars are driven by the desire for expansion and greed. Immoral reasons are one of the main causes of almost every war to date. Wrongful intentions for war nullify the actions from being just. Social and religious views for a just war are similar, because both state that a war must be defensive. A defensive war enables a war to be just only when one is under attack or is defending its allies. Only one side can have a just reason for war because the offensive must be driven by immoral intentions. If both sides are just, there would not be any wars fought. One of the most prominent examples of a just war is World War II. Although World War II was a just war, only one side had just intentions. The other side was led by greed for world domination and obliteration of an ethnic group. All wars have intentions, many of which are immoral, but if these intentions follow the just war theory, the war is just.
Many wars that have been fought were unjust, however, two examples of just wars were the Crusades and World War II. In World War II, the Axis powers, comprised of Germany, Italy, and Japan, set out to attack others out of greed for their land and resources. The U.S. was deliberately attacked by the…

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