Essay On The Crusades Considered A Holy War

Many historians consider the the time period of 1096 to 1487 a very important piece of history, most notably because of the Catholic crusades against Islam. A very important question can be detained from this; were the crusades a holy war? In some ways, the crusades were in fact a holy war. The were, after all, organized by the Holy Roman Catholic Church. The crusades were also wars of two religions, also making it a holy war. Lastly, they were “god 's orders” as claimed by the Catholics. Although many records of history lean towards the answer of “Can the crusades be considered a holy way” to be yes, some sources show that the crusades may not have been strictly religiously driven.

In 1096, the first crusades were launched against
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In the Augustine collection, Historicity and Holy War: Putting the crusades in context, by Jonathan Colans, explains that the crusades were launched by the Holy Roman Catholic Church against Islam, claiming to do so under God’s command in order to take back the holy land of god away from the Islamic People. This article explains that, as claimed by the Catholics, the sole reasoning behind the crusades was the reclaiming of the holy land, for God, and with God. If it was under God 's supervision and was in order to reclaim the holy land, then the crusades were, essentially, a holy war. In the book, The Crusades, by Jonathan Howard, he explains how the ‘Holy War’ was started by religious strains. The war was not a result of an attack or a yearn for money, but because of religious strains. Jonathan explains that if it hadn 't been for the religious strains between these two religions, then, most likely, the crusades wouldn 't have ever occurred, and thousands of men wouldn 't have died for something as trivial as religious strains and conflicting beliefs. Another source providing a similar argument is Khan Academy, informing its users about how the crusades were caused by the fights and strains between two of the biggest religions of their time, The Holy Roman Catholics and the Islamic people. Because of the religious strains, the crusades started, showing this to be a holy war between two religions. Again, referencing back to the letters of the crusades, the pope, among other people, talk about Islam. The letters include how the catholic people viewed the Islamic religion as inaccurate, terrible, and offensive, and how it needs to be destroyed. The crusades were not only to reclaim the holy land back and take it ways from the Islamic ‘barbarians’,

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