Essay The Justice System Of The United States

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In the United States a courtroom is divided up into two main parts, the Judge and Jury. It is one of the better systems because it provides a relatively unbiased system that uses a group of people to judge a peer. It, however is not without flaws. There is a possibility of the jury becoming biased due to the media coverage of a case. There are multiple ways around this such as replacing the juries in favor of a panel of judges. Next would be using a set of professional juries instead of the common people. Lastly, there is the possibility of giving the police the power to act as both the judge and jury, in order to get rid of criminals. The first way to possibly fix the justice system would be to replace the juries for a panel of court judges. The advantages of this would be that the judges would be properly trained to handle any court case. One of the major problems with the juries is that no one comes from a background in law, which leads to the judge having to explain how the laws would work for a case. By having a panel of judges, however, you can dramatically speed up a court case, because everyone is knowledgeable about the matter. The con of this, however, would be that court cases would be hard for the general population to follow. Without the need of a jury, the case could be lost in translation, through the overuse of court terminology that the general public would not know of. In conclusion, while there is the benefit of speeding up court case it also alienates…

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