The Joker In 'The Joker Walks The Last Mile'

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Isaac Marshall
Ernesto Rueda
English 102
27 September 2017
Dying to hear a Joke
The city of Gotham is said to be one of the most crime-ridden places in the country, not because of the little crimes that go on within the city, but because of one specific man, The Joker, in Joker’s words, “Dyeing is easy, comedy is hard” (“Make” 00:18:44-47), which demonstrates the fact that the Joker is absurdist. The Joker has an odd sense of humor where he has no limit with making crimes a joke for his amusement; moreover, he will do anything for a good laugh even if death is involved. In “Batman Vs. the Joker,” “The Riddle of the Missing Card!,” “The Joker Walks the Last Mile!,” and “The Joker Returns,” Bill Finger emphasizes how the Joker personify death itself from the way the Joker finds pressure out doing horrifying things, to the psycho ways of putting himself in danger just for a laugh, to even his corrupted mindset.
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In Joker words, “If my venom don’t get you, bullets will!” (Finger, “Returns” 186), which simplifies the fact that the Joker has no limit to how far he is willing to go for his personal amusement. Not only will the Joker go beyond what is expected from a psychopath, but as remarked, “The Joker shall die so that he may live again!” (Finger, “Walks” 36), this demonstrates why the Joker is feared and deadly because already has accepted death and will continue to do whatever it is that he does till he dies making it seem as if he will never go

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