The Jobs And Life Of A FBI Agent

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FBI Agent Many television shows are based on the jobs and lives of FBI agents; however, some people fail to understand the actuality of the job and its requirements. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is in control of defending the United States from national threats, along with enforcing federal laws. The workforce of FBI agents are not the typical “nine to five” jobs. Agents have to dedicate their lives to the job, which includes the expected duties and responsibilities, background education and training, and the typical salary. The over-arching job of FBI agents is to act as lead investigators in crimes that involve the national security, containing over 200 varying categories of national violations (“FBI Agent: Job Description, Duties …show more content…
A FBI candidate must have a plethora of qualities to be considered for the job. A FBI agent must have a bachelor’s degree with a grade point average of at least 3.0 or higher (“FBI Agent Career Guide”). Majority of students considering the FBI study areas including criminal justice, political science, etc (“FBI Agent Career Guide”). Following a degree, a prospective agent must have at least three years of real work experience or a master’s degree or higher (“FBI Agent Career Guide”). The application process for a job in the FBI is strenuous. The process includes interviews, written tests, background tests, drug tests, etc (“FBI Agent: Job Description, Duties and Requirements”). The ability to speak or understand foreign languages is also a contributor in the process of becoming an agent (“FBI Agent Career Guide”). Candidates must be physically fit based on the nature of the upcoming work and mentally fit based on the dangerous situations agents will encounter (“FBI Agent: Job Description, Duties and Requirements”). Once a candidate is accepted into the Bureau, an 18-week training program follows, ensuring that the individual is capable of enduring the responsibilities of the job (“FBI Agent: Job Description, Duties and Requirements”). Though the education requirements seem rather extensive, the FBI must select the most qualified candidates for the

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