The Issues Of The Lgbt Rights Essay

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The issues of the two groups that I will be talking about are two of the groups that in most states are two of the most under serviced groups in our schools today. Gifted and Talented (G/T) and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) students and students from LGBT families are not being reached out to and served by most school districts in America. I have been in classrooms with both of these groups, and the teachers were not prepared for their classrooms and it has and is still causing issues with the students and the families. The second issue is one of the most challenging issues that teachers are going to deal with today. These teachers have to not only deal with student and their families, but they also have to deal with their own issues with concern to this issue. With the LGBT issue, this has only come about within the last two decades, and this issue has many different aspects that most teachers are not ready or educated on so that they can deal with the issue when they come up. The gifted and talented group is another group that has in the last decade started to have their education challenged and realized. With almost a hundred years of G/T education in America, we are just now starting to make in ways to state and local level education of these students.
Both of these groups are very diverse and challenging do to the issues that come along with being a member of their groups. The group of G/T students we have issues such as teachers, parents, and peers,…

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