The Issue Of Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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Teenage Pregnancy. The Issues.

Teenage pregnancy is a widely discussed topic with many different and completely opposite points of view. Ranging from great positives and support and encouragement for the teens undergoing this huge change in their lives and bitter disappointment and down look at teenagers who this has happened to.

Due to the dramatic increase and decreases that have been happening these past few years, this subject clearly needs to be discussed in more detail.

There are many causes and reasons why pregnancy at a young age is becoming more of a rising subject in the UK. One of the reasons why young adults are having children at a younger age is due to them thinking that they are in a stable relationship and want to start a family, as it was the normal thing for this age group many years ago. There is also a contraception failure, not thinking about any consequences there may be, getting caught up in the moment, believing they could not get pregnant, not feeling comfortable having contraception, being drunk, feeling pressured to have unprotected sex by a partner, and being too embarrassed to ask a partner to use contraception. A lot of teenage, women are vulnerable nowadays when it comes to meeting a partner, especially over the internet.

Most girls have time to make a decision whether to have the baby once they 've found out, but unfortunately for the women who find out halfway throughout the pregnancy don’t have a choice on whether they can abort or…

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