Essay about The Issue Of Special Education

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Special education eligibility is governed by IDEA, but there are no fixed guidelines for determining who is eligible for special education. This is an essential notion to understand. It means that under IDEA, the IEP team has the flexibility to decide if a child will be eligible for services. IDEA gives qualified children with disabilities ages 3 through 21 the right to a free appropriate public education (, 2016). Although a child 's doctor identified them with a disability that is not enough, the school has its own procedure to see if he or she qualifies for special education services. This paper will discuss the issues that plague special education eligibility, which include; who qualifies and when do we qualify. These two issues create the most controversy in determining eligibility. Firstly, we will tackle the question of who qualifies. For a student to meet the requirements for special education services or accommodations the child must have a diagnosis that shows he or she has a learning disability that meets the measures defined by law. In general, federal law says that a student is qualified for accommodations when a documented disability considerably impedes with a major life activity such as learning. Most states use standards associated with the difference between a child 's capability and attainment. Federal laws also set a clear course of action on what special education accommodations must be made available.
Furthermore, a diagnosis from a doctor or…

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