The Issue Of Police Brutality Essay

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Today, every time you turn on your TVs or your social media, it never fails that you will see some kind of video of a police officer brutally beating or roughly handling someone, and most of the time the people are in handcuffs unable to defend themselves against the vial attack that is being bestowed upon them. When you watch these videos ask yourself; “ How are these the people that are supposed to be protecting us”. According to, since January 1, 2012 , there have been over 30 cases of unjustified murders of blacks under police custody. Some of these cases have been proven to be reported under discriminatory methods. “Of the 30 people killed, 20 were definitely unarmed, 2 probably had firearms. 12 were innocent of any legal behavior or behavior that involved a threat to anyone although the officers claimed they looked suspicious. It appears that all but two specific cases could have been stopped without any lethal force”( Police brutality is sadly one of the biggest issues we have to deal with and see on a daily basis and have to witness the violations against our human rights as a people. It is true that these crimes can happen against anyone, but if you really did your research you would find that the majority of these cases are against blacks. As stated on "" only 2.4% of whites were murdered, 3.7% for hispanics and 8.2% for blacks in the last couple years. Police officers are under oath to maintain public order and…

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