The Issue Of High School And College Essay

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Have you ever had to replace something expensive that broke, on your own? Money is the one material thing that changes the meaning of each concept it touches, from friendship, to education. It makes you much more careful the next time around, and that is because money ties our emotions to these physical, and even intangible objects. There are some among us whom are immune to this effect, just like all rules have exceptions. The wealthy appear to be unconcerned with treating what they paid for with more respect. Our education is not exempt from the massive mood change that comes from paying for things yourself as opposed to having it payed for. This change in responsibility is one we see between high school and college. Think back to high school, whether it be only last year or fifty years ago. Having to wake up early, to be handed assignments that we did not care about. The prospect of going for eight hours seemed torturous, and when we asked if we really had to go, the answer was always yes. Never given an explanation, only a straight answer. I know that at least I was ungrateful for a wealth of knowledge that came to me for “free.” I use that terms loosely because of course it was not free, it was funded by money paid for by society in the form of taxes, that in due time I will pay back as well. We were all under the misconception that it was in fact free. This causes a mindset that can be a destructive if you let yourself get away with it, because we tend to form less…

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