The Issue Of Health Care Essay

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Health care consumers are the most important people the policy makers always consider when making any medical decisions. Currently, the policy makers are becoming sensitive to the needs of the healthcare consumers, and as a result, it has helped them to know the amount of money that is supposed to be allocated to the health care section. It is imperative that the policy makers should have reliable information on the health care consumers to prioritize on the money is supposed to be allocated. Prioritization becomes important because the health care system is currently very expensive. It is for this reason that the important programs like the Medicare and the Medicaid were created. Consequently, the Patient Protection Care Act was born as a result.
It is currently proving to be hard to access the health care because of the reducing number of nurses compared to the ever increasing number of patients (McCarthy, 2015). This has been brought about by the reduction in the number of medical facilities in the recent past. This means that the number of nurses is going to decrease. However, if the number of nurses decreases, certain smaller groups like the elderly are likely to be affected. Consequently, this is already happening. The health care system is currently accessible to the young people than to the generation of the people who are old (Kingsley, 2015). The health care system is currently unaffordable to certain people because of its exorbitant costs. It becomes unaffordable…

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