Essay on The Issue Of Gun Control

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Over the recent years, gun control has become one of the most prominent and controversial topics worldwide. Acts of terrorism and widespread violence have been rampant throughout our nation and many accredit this to America’s gun control policies, or rather lack thereof. School shootings have become increasingly prevalent over the past years in the United States. With twenty mass shootings in schools in 2015 alone, gun restrictions in school zones has been a pressing issue (Strauss, Steven). Recently, in an attempt to solve these problems, a bill known as the Safe Students Act has begun to make its journey to become a law. Although there is some support for this bill, it will ultimately not be made into legislation. The Safe Students Act, formally known as To Repeal the Gun-Free Zones Act of 1990 and amendments to that Act, was introduced on January 5th, 2015 and is sponsored by Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky (“Countable”). The Act, numbered 86, will repeal the Gun-Free Zones Act and all of its amendments by granting local governments the power to determine whether or not school zones are gun-free, making people legally allowed to have firearms in school zones (“Countable”). It was referred to the House Judicial Committee where it currently sits (“Countable”). The Safe Students Act was introduced in the wake of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting where twenty children and six adults were murdered (“Countable”). The bill, with hopes to end violence in…

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