Essay on The Issue Of Gun Control

2074 Words Nov 16th, 2016 9 Pages
My topic is that gun control is necessary in America. Gun control has always been a controversial topic in America, and there is consensus about whether guns should be banned or not. We’ve reached the stage that gun control has become a part of the culture wars along with health care, abortion, and climate change. Some people argue that banning guns is not necessary because gun control does not directly reduce accidents, murders or suicides in society. Gun control laws do not deter crime because criminals can still kill people even without guns. In contrast. It’s said that gun control laws infringe one’s right to self-defense. On the other hand, some believe that implementing gun control is significant to America because it can effectively reduce gun violence in society. There are a number of reasons they believe gun control is beneficial: First and foremost, gun control laws can reduce the numbers of accidental gun deaths. Such laws would reduce gun deaths because many people die from gun-related violence. Additionally, guns make conflicts more likely to become violent because gun’s power is so strong. Last but not least, guns are always connected with mass shootings and frequently with terrorist attacks, which threaten public safety.

Gun violence is broadly defined as “a category of violence and crime committed with the use of a firearm.” Many elements motivate gun violence: mental health, violent videos, drinking, drugs and negative emotions. People who are not able to…

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