The Issue Of Gun Control On Campus Essay

1174 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
Grades not Glocks When you hear names like Virginia Tech, Oregon, Columbine, and Sandy Hook they may bring back sad memories and deep feelings of sorrow, but those terrible incidents should not try to be avoided in future instances by giving anyone the possibility to carry a deadly firearm. As a college student concerned about the recent campus carry law that was passed in Texas, 2015, that allows anyone who is old enough for a concealed weapon permit to carry a firearm with them while on university grounds, I find is necessary to express my concern. The thought of allowing guns to be accessible to the majority of faculty and students in a learning environment brings a lot of red flags to mind, and raises my distress that there should be more sensible solutions to combat flying bullets without using more flying bullets. It seems like common sense that the government would consider more efficient ways to provide protection for students, but this law does not seem to demonstrate that idea at all. Dissecting the issue of gun control on campus shows how it is simply unnecessary, and how there are safer alternatives to take for protection of all who attend Texas State University. College is a very emotional volatile environment, and it seems senseless to encourage the accessibility of firearms. We cannot trust the responsibility of anyone with a firearm on campus grounds to keep it concealed, and to not have it get stolen. By the same token, college is a time for students to…

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