The Issue Of Global Warming

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Many scientists have researched and have advocated raising awareness of global warming and the changes the world can become. Now we are starting to see changes and melting of glaciers from the irresponsibility 20 years ago. Inevitable leaving a concerning question if this problem keeps on going how it altered life of the future generations. Will they be endangered because of global warming? A big concern right now is the lack of knowledge people have on Global warming also the lack of support from the people and the government mainly because change is not in their best interests since we are all collaborating in pollution or global warming in some way. The discussion of this review explains the three theories of different creditable individuals …show more content…
In this original theory, many people have their own opinion as to why it is a rising problem; however, what is certain is that the human race is the reason why the Earth is altering towards unintentional consequences which makes this the centralized effect. As technology advances and people rely more on machinery and cars pollution accumulates to add to global warming. My theory is why we as humans are the problem. Ironically the U.S, being an advanced and well developed country is one of the main countries that are emitting a lot of emissions into our atmosphere. With more and more people in the U.S we are all contributing to emitting pollution. As people maintain emitting pollution this will increase global warming, then the earth over time will increase in temperature endangering places where it cannot be that warm. With global warming it causes a huge challenge for animal life and plant life to be able to sustain different weather patterns. Some acts have been in place since the early 1980’s but it has not been enough to stop or slow down the process of global warming. There are many factors involving global warming in regards to scientific issues, economically, and politically. Scientist have been dealing with global warming for a long time trying to alter this change and our habits of using tons of coal, oil, and natural gas in our everyday use. With global warming taking an effect climate is defined as “the constant range of

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