Essay on The Issue Of Domestic Violence

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I choose to submit a proposal on the subject of Domestic Violence

Education, for the prevention of learned abusive behaviors, for children and as

many as can make a difference in the life of a woman or child. DV is a

problem in every type of home: teachers, doctors/nurses, counselor’s and even

lawmakers could have this issue. Decision makers are flooded with this issue on

a daily basis and they are deciding whether the person(s) are held going to be

held accountable either through action via case law or via a jury, however,

sometimes the jury doesn’t have all of the evidence and the offender gets away

with it. This is an ongoing issue and I’ve personally witnessed Social Services

failing to help children that are stuck in these situations which at times become

so catastrophic they or their parent dies from the effects. Education is key to

stop the cycle. Domestic violence is one of the largest health care problems

facing families today. Women in rural areas can often be overlooked because

the population is at high risk for this problem. It is a major concern for women,

who may be patients or healthcare workers. Teaching about dv is a very

sensitive subject because it is often difficult for the abused to admit or even to

confront that she is in fact being abused.

Why is this a Big Deal? Domestic Violence is a much larger blight in every area of this planet and in every type of home than most think. Statistics show that…

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