The Issue Of Common Core Standards Essay examples

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The Common Core debate is happening because many people do not agree on how our students should be taught and what goals our states should go for. The Common Core Standards are said to be a set of standards or goals every school should be able to reach. The debate is that the standards are difficult and require too much testing. This is also the cause in how teachers are being evaluated by these test if they are good teachers or bad ones in the amount of students passing the test.The other issue is that the Federal government is trying to take over the education root from states using the common Core standards as lead way to doing so. This in it self a difficult question you found out, but each has its own opinion in this debate. There is a way both sides can agree on and make are students excel into higher education.
Common Core Standards
The issue is common core should be applied to schools or should the state choose how they want their kids to be taught. This issue is controversial because of the issue of how the common core evaluates students achievement in standardized testing and how its complexity in in each students grade level. Can both sides come to a compromise with their differences? [Common core standards]
There are 42 states that are implementing the core standards and 3 states repealed the standards since 2015 (“Preparing America,”2016). It’s the confusing debate that people suggest that the common core is a curriculum, but the common core is a set of…

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