Essay on The Issue Of American Pit Bull Terriers

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When the Devia family in California adopted Rocco, an American Pitbull Terrier, they had no idea what they were in for. Since the adoption, both Carol and Peter Devia were wrongfully terminated from their stable jobs at a newspaper delivery company. Unfortunately for the couple and their two children, this meant missing rent payments on their apartment and eventually being evicted. While finding a new living space might be easy for most families, owning an American Pitbull Terrier makes things more complicated. Many cities, and even entire countries, ban the ownership of the particular breed. The prejudice of Rocco has caused the Devia family to become homeless and live in their car for a full year (Lutz 1). Many stories about brutality, aggression, and dangerous body parts create a negative reputation for the innocent breed. In order to prevent more cases of homelessness due to ownership of the American Pitbull Terrier, there is only one thing to do: lift the ban. American Pit Bull Terriers should be allowed everywhere that other dogs are because they are structurally the same as other breeds, no more dangerous than others, and tame.
One of the first reasons that APBTs (American Pitbull Terriers) should be permitted access to any previously restricted areas is due to the lack of physical differences in the jaw from other breeds. There are several popular myths involving this particular factor: APBTs have locking jaws, can hold onto an object with his/her front teeth while…

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