The Is A Real Advantage That We All Should Learn Essay

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The movie brought back some spectacular memories of my grandpa, great grandma, and great aunt who lived into the late 90’s and early 100’s. I have seen firsthand that people are living longer than before. Since my family members have lived longer, I was able to spend time with them and heard amazing stories of about my heritage. I think that this video brought some fantastic points about the elderly population. One positive point that Leon Kass MD stated was “it is in many respects really a wonderful time to be old because people are not only living longer but their living healthier into their 70s or 80s and some cases into their 90s.” I think that this is a real advantage that we all should learn by. Each one of us has the potential to live longer and I believe that we should all attempt to live as healthy as possible to enjoy that life. It truly amazes me that years ago people died from infectious diseases and now, “people are dying of their chronic diseases,” stated Doctor Audrey Chun. I wonder what the quality of life is like for these elderly people that face chronic conditions. Many chronic conditions that I learned about in nursing school can be incredibly painful and also require extensive treatment.
I image due to many chronic illnesses some elderly are not able to take care of themselves so they go to live in a place that will provide assistance such as a nursing home. My relatives that I talked about earlier were also in nursing home for a few years due to…

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