Essay on The Invention Of Writing And The Earliest Literatures

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“The invention of writing and the earliest literatures” Writing was not invented for the purpose of literature; it was documented for commercial, administrative, political and legal information, it was created by the first “advanced” civilizations in the Middle East. These ancient cultures were rural, that were developed in the valleys of the Nile, Tigris, and Euphrates rivers, Cities were the first to become administration of irrigated field, but later on they became the center hub for governments, religion, and culture. The earliest of writing dates back to the pictographic “meaning that the sign for an object was written to resemble the object itself.” The earliest of text that was written dated back to 3300 to 2990 B.C.E it was mostly used to write a list for food goods, textiles and cattle. “Ancients near Eastern and Mediterranean Cultures” In the ancient cultures the Mediterranean’s industrialized mostly in the cities that were close to basic natural resources mostly in cities that could support farm land: “the Nile valley in Egypt and the Tigris and Euphrates valleys in the near and middle East (Modern Iraq).” Cities that have been industrialized in these areas, are Thebes, Memphis, Babylon, and Nineveh. There were many different cultures that industrialized in the Mediterranean and near East (“the Greeks, Hebrews, and Romans”), even though there were many difference between the cultures…

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