Essay on The Internship Position At Macedonia Baptist Church

1362 Words Jan 28th, 2016 null Page
I want to start off by saying that God is amazing and I am much honored and it brings me great joy to be considered for the internship position at Macedonia Baptist Church, thank you to all that has made this possible.
I am not sure where to begin so I will start with my name because a name means so much, I was named after my father, mother and him wasn’t married and he didn’t help her much with me. So I grow up without a father and living on the 3700 block of college is where I learned what I thought it was to be a young boy and a man. I was exposed to things I should have not seen at an early age some of things were sex, drugs and a love for all the above and much more. Most of the sleepovers were at the local drug dealer’s house and I didn’t realize this until I got older in age I just now they had all the fun stuff at their house. It wasn’t any better at my father’s house when I would visit he lived a lifestyle very similar if not worse than those of the people in my neighborhood. Although we moved from that neighborhood it was already a foundation and fight inside begin in me with right and wrong. My grandmother is responsible for planting the seed of the gospel inside of me. She did her best to combat all the terrible things I was faced with each day growing up. She would come over before school to put me on the bus and she would make sure I was at every one of her church functions. I was always leading something if it wasn’t a play or black history month speech, the…

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