The Internship : Deals A Lot With Human Resource Management Essay

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The movie “The Internship” deals a lot with human resource management. The story revolves around two older men who must go through a variety of trials in order to gain a job for Google. The film relates to HR and my current job through these trials.

Early on in the film, we see the two main characters working together to try and sell a product to a customer. The two are shown to use special salesmen tactics to get the customer interested in their product and both of them play a role in the sale of the item, and both of them also know the person they are selling to. This is relevant to HR because both of these men are using their own strengths when it comes to the sale and almost get the product sold before they find out their business is closing down. This is similar to how it works in my company because whenever a potential client comes in, the company sends people who know the person the best to speak to them because they know the customer best. These people are called knowledge workers in the HR world because they specialize in collecting knowledge about the customers which they can use to their advantage when it comes to dealing with them. The Internship shows this with the two main characters talking to their customer like an old friend and using their knowledge about his business and family to bring in their business proposition.

When the two main characters attempt to get jobs at Google, they are quickly met with a glass ceiling. The two are thought to be too old…

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