Essay on The Internet 's Impact On Society

780 Words Nov 2nd, 2014 4 Pages
When the Internet was created, coming close to half a century ago, no one imagined it would have this large of an impact on everyday life. It is almost expected of society to stay up to date with what is going on in the Internet constantly. Whether it be by checking your email, updating your status, or checking the weather, the Internet has become so embedded into everyday life that a person could easily fall behind if they don’t have the proper tools to keep up with society. These tools include computers, tablets, smartphones, smart televisions, smart watches, and it is rare for someone to not come in contact with at least one of these devices throughout their day. Over all, the Internet has positively affected society because it gives society a way to connect to a variety of thing with the click of a mouse that would have been impossible half a century ago. Though it can be easy to become consumed in the many videos and articles posted hourly, one must learn to moderate this and even use it to their advantage. When a student writes a long paper, it is almost impossible to stay focused on the task for an extended period of time or else they will become mentally drained and the quality of the paper will diminish. To avoid this, a student can take advantage of the internet at hand and take a break from the paper to check something more interesting and relaxing to the student. After the student takes a break from their paper for a few minutes, he or she can then return to…

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