The Internet And Its Effects On The World Essay

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This is a type of brainwashing made by terrorist to make people feel like they had to donate or that they had to join their side and if they didn 't, that it made them less of a Muslim and made them feel like they didn 't support their country or their people. Thousands would donate to these organizations through the Internet. Terrorist choose to use the Internet because of its broad connections throughout the globe. They are able to raise, transfer and accept funds from anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes using the Internet. With increasing technology they are able to do so through sites such as PayPal.
Terrorist usually try and mask their identities when soliciting funds over the Internet or when using their phones. They try to avoid being detected by our government by using false identities and stolen credit cards all the time, and making fake websites that appear to be the real deal.
When a terrorist group decide to make an attack on the U.S., or another part of the world, all of of out government systems band together to address the issue and figure out how we are going to handle the situation. Even if the terrorist don 't attack the U.S. the federal government level of the U.S. will still address the public about it. For example the recent attacks on Paris that just happened. Our president addressed this issue to the U.S. even though it didn 't happen in America. The president discussed what happened and what his plans are to do next. Once an attack like…

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