The Internal Dynamics Within An Organization Essay

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Whether insider (or action research) or outsider research, their application, effectiveness and outcomes tend to be controlled by the internal dynamics within an organization. In this work, I shall investigate through the literature some methodologies, intervening dynamics and elements necessary for action research and other related forms of research to be effective in solving workplace problems.

Insider (or action), outsider and related research
Looking from an insider perspective instigates action research that is normally geared towards organizational problem solving or at the worst the understanding of an organizational problem. This type of inquire looks inwards, from inside and could enjoy the advantage of insider knowledge, but suffer that challenges of conflicts in human resource utilization – managing action research and routine job assignments at the same time (Coghlan, 2001). Also, an internal research often struggles with strategic correctness and alignment, personal justification, duality and/or ambiguity of roles, organizational politics, and even potential internal conflicts of interest on the part of the insider researcher (Coghlan, 2001; Brannick and Coghlan, 2007).
Action research pulls on the opportunities that result from its implementation process (or work in progress) in real time which in turn instigates further learnings/interventions (Coghlan, 2001). Further, Evered and Louis (1981) consider insider research to carry a specific…

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