Summary Of An Invitation To Grounded Theory

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Constructing Grounded Theory: Chapter 1 and 2
Kathy Charmaz’s book is one of the useful ones when it comes to the construction of grounded theory that is applicable to untrained and more experienced researchers. Carrying out summary and reflection of the book could provide a great overview of understanding the qualitative research methods presented by Charmaz. For this summary and reflection of the book, the focus will be majorly on the chapter 1, An Invitation to Grounded Theory and chapter 2, Gathering Rich Data.
Summary Chapter 1: An Invitation to Grounded Theory
In chapter 1, Charmaz begins by inviting her readers to accompany him through the journey of qualitative research project. To bring the knowledge of the journey into perspective, Charmaz introduces the story of Marie Arlen and her problem involving rheumatoid arthritis. The sequence of events in the story is quite descriptive and informative. The questions raised from Arlen’s story help the reader understand the manner in which to conduct a research and creating data
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At this stage, the researcher should already understand what they want to explore, design the research question, gather the right tools, and define the necessary methods for attaining useful data. Therefore, the research journey becomes easy only when the researcher has a rich data. In this case, rich data is one that is detailed and focused on the research question. The chapter explains that attaining rich and useful data implies taking extensive field notes, taking personal accounts of every respondent, and conducting elaborate interviews among other activities. With this rich data, researchers can effectively generate a successful grounded theory. To obtain the rich data, Charmaz describes the necessary methods and tools that researchers should employ when carrying out their research

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