The Influence Of Texting On Communication

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Technology has become a big part of our lives, almost second natural to our daily routine. In our fast pace society, quick and easy is the way to go and texting has become the new norm in communication. However this action of texting has unable us to lose the personal touch in the ability of socializing through a phone call. Texting has become popular among many especially in teenagers, and it could be described as a lifeline, overtaking every aspect in their lives. Texting has evolved into a new urban language consisting in abbreviation and short choppy phrases and, it’s spreading into the way teenager speck and translating in their grammar as well. Unlike texting, the dialogue in a phone call can be elaborated through expressions and gestures without misinterpreting the conversation. Although many people have a hard time expressing their feelings and, texting has become a security in their social awkwardness the ability to improve their social skills is diminishing by hiding through a text. On the other hand many people feel texting is more economical, since many service plans offer unlimited texting but charge an overage cost if you exceed your minutes. But you can bypass any charges if you use SKYPE to SKYPE and end up with an engaging call with visional and sound. On the contrary certain phone calls are irksome for example telemarketing calls or a noisy background but, waiting for a respond from a text can feel like a life time if it’s urgent. …show more content…
Texting vs calling is a never ending debate and both have pros and cons although texting has weaken social skills, technology is the feature and the form of texting will only be enhance and grow among the new generations to

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