The Influence Of Social Media On Body Image

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Body image is the way one person views himself/herself. Studies reveal that 97% of women have low body image/ low self esteem (Dreisbach). Although there are many things that could cause low body image, social media is responsible for most of it. Women today have this picture in their head of how they want to be. Rather it being skinny, pretty, or curvy, they are not good enough. Every time a woman looks into the mirror, she sees what she is not. Most teenagers today are becoming depressed because of self image. The depression can lead to self harm, an eating disorder, or even suicide. Most women today are not seeing themselves as beautiful because of what is on social media. Even though social media is a great way to connect with friends and …show more content…
Stress from work, a fight with a friend, and pictures of beautiful women can all affect the way a girl thinks about her body (Webster). Body image is a phenomenon influenced by many factors like parents, friends, and social context (Knorr). Comparing is the main reason social media is one of the top reasons for negative body image. Young girls and women compare themselves to others. Some would be upset because they do not feel that they are that pretty enough or skinny enough. Other would be angry because they are jealous of the other girl. Either way, the girls get depressed because they feel ugly or fat (Perez). Society today is bombarded by images of “attractiveness” in the media. In our minds, it appears to be the absolute truth about being “attractive” (Gaesser). Oddly, thin women insult themselves as often as thick women. As if, the grass is greener on the other side or someone else will always better (Dreisbach). “The influence that social media has on today’s population is staggering. Oftentimes, people don’t consider the tremendous influence it can have on someone’s outlook and overall mood” (Perez). Body image does not just happen. The media plays a powerful role in shaping the “norms” and body satisfaction (Knorr). Before Social Media, women had magazines and TV shows to show the self-esteem ruining social norms. Everyone was set on they way they looked and not focusing on what is really important. They would feel overwhelmed because of the articles after articles telling them how to dress on how to look

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