The Influence Of Sexual Orientation On Human Development

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First, many studies show that sexual orientation is not related to factors such as parental warmth or parenting styles. It is also not related to family structure. It is likely the role of prenatal hormones that influence sexual orientation because it develops during the prenatal period. These hormones impact the development of the hypothalamus which is where sexual attraction is rooted. There are four possible mechanisms for prenatal hormone influences on the developing brain. The first influence is hormones produced by the mother. The maternal immune hypothesis is that the more older brothers a boy has the more likely he is to be gay and this happens because the mother’s body produces anti-male antibodies with each successive male-baby pregnancy. The second influence is hormones produced by the developing baby. For example if the baby is a boy he would produce androgens that would influence his own brain development. The third influence is a baby’s receptivity to hormones which would be displayed with some genetically based conditions that prohibit the baby from utilizing the hormones available. The fourth influence would be the prenatal environment including things such as medications. According to research genitalia, sexual orientation, and masculine versus feminine behavior are all …show more content…
Reparative or conversion therapies will not change Zack’s sexual orientation. These therapies may alter his sexual behavior but it is often a temporary change and it doesn’t change sexual attraction. Since it is hormonal influences on brain development that are associated with sexual orientation and we are unable to control these influences there aren’t reasons to attempt to alter sexual orientation. Also clients who have attended counseling report that it is helpful for reasons that don’t include changing their sexual orientation but others report that it causes psychological

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