Essay about The Influence Of News Media

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The influence of news media organizations is great. It provides information to the masses of society, who generally take their information as fact since most people are uninformed of the subjects they present. The coverage of various prominent figures and their views on the video game controversy by major news media outlets had helped promote certain views of video games; to a degree, set a moral panic of perceived violent and sexist video games. While the narrative that certain videogames have an influence on gamers is presented by the mass media, there is still another side of the story. The gaming community is considered to be very welcoming, diverse, and inclusive, having people of different backgrounds enjoying the medium. While it had primarily served as a favorite pastime for males, females had slowly become a major part of the gaming community. The most reliable study on gamer demographics is from the 2015 ESSENTIAL FACTS ABOUT THE COMPUTER AND VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY by the entertainment software association (ESA). The ESA 's findings suggest that, in regards to the gender of gamers, 56% are male while 44% are female, based on a survey including more than 4,000 American households. In addition, people of different ages participate in gaming; the average ages being 43 and 35 for females and males, respectively. A study by Lenhart et al. also finds that the gaming community is comprised of people from al ofer the spectrum (e.g. of different backgrounds): 4/5 of…

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