Masculinity In Films Like The Mask You Live In '

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Men struggle to identify themselves while battling societies definition of masculinity. Films like The Mask You Live In, written, produced and directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, depict the way men are pressured by the media, their friends, religion, and parents. Society needs to change painting the way a man should act. Men are brought up to fear showing emotion, visibility and love, as a result parents especially fathers hold back from hugging and physically showing love to their kids. Boys are also physically criticized, and trained to be a man you have to be aggressive. Men are also encouraged to be violent; they are taught through parents, friends, video games and entertainment television. In the film, The Mask You live in, the viewer gets an insight into how it is to be a man in this society. At the beginning of the …show more content…
As stated in the documentary by Former NFL player “ Be a man,” and “You’re not man enough” is one of the most destructive phrases to a young boy. Many times young boys are taught to be a man you are to be aggressive, and it will show strength. Boys at a young age are trained to be violent, as proof, they can be taught in video games, their peers, and fathers. Boys are groomed to become violent creating massive problems. School shootings and gang fights can be a result. In the documentary young boy's state, they are taught not to show emotion. The young boys feel no one knows them at a personal level. They feel they can't express the struggles at home, it leading to them feeling alone, and feel they can't express their true self. It is important to understand the problem and change it in society. Young boys deserve to grow up to be whoever they want to be. They deserve to not live in fear to be called “Gay” or “Fag” if they show sensitivity. Boys should not have to grow up competing with society, on what it means to be a

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