Analysis Of Tough Guise 2

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Half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16 ("Facts about violence against women -"). In today’s society, men committing violence against women is quite prevalent, and we need to understand why it is happening and how we can prevent it. In this essay, I will discuss the key societal and environmental factors that contribute to why men commit violence as shown in the film Tough Guise 2, the concept of violent masculinity and rehabilitation options shown in the reading by Allen and Kivel, and the resources men and women have to seek help particularly in London, Ontario. This is an important issue because we see violence daily in the news, it is present in our lives, in all realms of …show more content…
Far too often do we see cases of domestic and sexual violence; therefore, in regards to violent masculinity, change needs to be adhered too on a global scale, fundamentally and institutionally. Hegemonic masculinity tells us that men are socialized to be in control, and to maintain that control over women via strength and abuse. Violence towards other individuals is simply seen as the manly thing to do. As seen in the film Tough Guise 2, Jackson Katz discusses the idea that violence is a taught behaviour, ("Tough Guise 2", 2013) whether it is through the media, or through older men teaching younger men that violence is the way to solve problems and to be “manly”. Katz goes to state that: “there is a cultural script that physical toughness, and violence are legitimate ways for men to achieve and maintain power and control.” ("Tough Guise 2", 2013) It is true that social media and pop culture have a great impact on our perceptions of violence among other social issues. Katz talks about the fact that in the news and

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