The Influence Of My Life

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Many things have shaped me into who I am today. Different events and people were sent into my life to make me the person God wanted me to be. They weren’t always happy and at the time I might not have understood why it was happening, but God knows what is best for us and we have to trust in Him to take care of us. So let’s start at the beginning. My grandma was born into a non-Christian home, but lucky for me she found God at an early age. Her parents were good people, but never went to church. She met God through her neighbor. It was a very nice family who went to church my grandma wanted what that family had. So she walked over 10 blocks to church every week with her sisters. Even after they started going her parents still weren’t convinced …show more content…
I can’t thank my mom enough for all she’s done for me. She started out just like her mom and married her high school sweetheart, but just like my grandma it wasn’t the best choice. She had my three older siblings with him, but divorced after he cheated on her multiple times. A few years later she married my dad and had me and Riley. My dad was not Adventist and grew up in a very old fashioned family deep in the country of Missouri. This is where my oldest three siblings grew up, but that didn’t work out either for various reasons. The next years were very difficult for my mom. She was a single mother of five working two full time jobs and going through school online. Me and my brother Riley were both still too young to remember and my sister took care of us a lot while mom was at work. Mom would often come home from work and have to finish her classes and then go to work again. Many times she never even slept. Even though I don’t remember it her perseverance and patience through those tough years has been an example to me. I look up to her so much and only hope that one day I will be as strong and loving as …show more content…
She struggled to send all my siblings through Highland but she trusted in God and it eventually paid off. When I was eleven she got remarried to my step dad. He wasn’t born into an Adventist family and for most of his life led a wild and harsh lifestyle. But a few years before my mom and him got married, he joined our church and changed his life around completely. He stopped drinking and became very interested in his new found faith. Even though he is a good man and never did anything to make me not like him I still didn’t handle the transfer very well. I had never had a father in the household and was not looking forward to having one now. (I only saw my biological dad in the summers and he died when I was nine) It was the summer of my seventh grade year and I didn’t like the idea of getting a new family. We moved to his house which was in the middle of nowhere on a family farm. I had no friends and didn’t know any of his family who lived on the properties around ours. He had a grown son who still lived with him who I had briefly gone to school with when I was around seven because my mom was the teacher of a one room school. It was all very strange and I handled it all very badly. I became angry and lashed out at everyone. My family has never really fought so things never got really bad between me and my mom, but for our family it seemed

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